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Zvukové ukázky z filmů

Hearts in Atlantis - Srdce v Altlantdě
Zde - Don't you give up on this card Bobby, 'cos books can be solid gold. You know the great ones have been getting us through the nights for centuries now. Just give a writer an hour or two to hook you and if he can't wish him all the best and find someone else.
Zde - Hey Bobby? (Yeah) When you get to Flash Gordon, be sure to tell me what Dale Arden is wearing. (What is it with you and her?) Well if you most know when I was younger I thought she was a real hotsy-totsy.
Zde - You know when you're young, you have moments of such happiness, you think you're living in some place magical - like Atlantis must have been. Then we grow up and our hearts break in two.
Zde - I never ever saw a girl as special as Carol Gerber, (There's millions). Oh yeah? Have you kissed her yet? (yuck!) Well you will I promise you (stay away) You will, and it will be the kiss by which all others in your life will judged - and found wanting.
Zde - ...and uh, given to flatulence (what's flatulence?) Yeah kid's always think farts are funny!
Zde - And wishing cannot make it so.
Zde - (Ted! Ted!) I wouldn't have missed a minute of it Bobby. Not a single minute. Not for the whole world Bobby. (Ted!)

Meet Joe Black - Seznamte se, Joe Black
Zde - You're not death, you're just a kid in a suit. (The suit came with the body I took.)
Zde - It's not what you say about Drew, it's what you don't say. (Maybe you're not listening.) Oh yes I am. There's not an ounce of excitement, not a whisper of a thrill. This relationship has all the passion of a pair of tit-mice. I want you to get swept away, I want you to levitate, I want you to sing with rapture and dance like a dervish. (Oh that's all.) Yeah, be deliriously happy, or at least leave yourself open to be. (OK, be deliriously happy, I shall....I shall do my upmost.) I know, it's a cornball thing, but love is passion, obsession, something you can't live without.
Zde - I say fall head over heels, find someone you can love like crazy and who'll love you the same way back. How do you find him? Well, you forget your head and listen to your heart, and I'm not hearing any heart. Cos the truth is honey there's no sense living your life without this, to make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well, you haven't lived a life at all. But you have to try, cos if you haven't tried, you haven't lived.
Zde - Stay open, who knows, lightning could strike.
Zde - Do you mind if I raise a little caution flag?
Zde - You maybe the pro Joe, but I know who you are....and....
Zde - You're looking at a man who tonight is not walking through the valley of the shadow of death he's galloping into it. At the same time the business that he built with his own hands and his own head has been comandeered by a couple of cheap pirates and oh yes, I almost forgot, my daughter's fallen in love with death.
Zde - Susan is my daughter, she has a wonderful life ahead of her you're going to deprive her of it and you're telling me you're sorry? Well I'm sorry, apology not accepted. (I don't care Bill, I love her.) How perfect for you, to take what ever you want because it please's you, that's not love. (Then what is it?) Some aimless infatuation which for the moment you feel like indulging, it's missing everything that matters. (Which is what?) Trust, repsonsibility, taking the weight for your choices and feelings and spending the rest of your life living up to them, and above all, not hurting the object of your love.
Zde - You say you love her but you don't know what love is, she loves you but she doesn't know who you are. You make a deal you're breaking it. Bottom line is Joe, you're swindling her soul and you're doing it with your eyes wide open. (I don't like what you're saying.) I'm past caring what you like and what you don't like, you're stealing my daughter and I'm not going to let you. (You're not going to let me?) No I'm not going to let you. (Are you threatening me?) Yeah I certainly hope so, yeah.
Zde - I've loved Susan from the moment she was born, and I love her now and every minute in between. And what I dream of is a man who will discover her, and that she will discover a man who will love her, who is worthy of her, who is of this world of this time. And has the grace and compassion and fortitude to walk beside her as she makes her way through this beautiful thing called life.
Zde - Multiply it by infinity and take it to the depth of forever and you will still have barely a glimpse of what I'm talking about.
Zde - Don't blow smoke up my ass, you'll ruin my autopsy.
Zde - It's hard to let go isn't it? (Yes it is Bill). Well that's life, what can I tell you.

Remains of the day - Soumrak dne
Zde - A former housekeeper, at present living in Clevedon, has indicated to me Sir, that she might be prepared to return to service. (What's this your girlfriend, or you mean a former attachment?) Oh no Sir, no Sir. No but, a very able Housekeeper Sir.
Zde - If two members of staff happen to fall in love and decide to get married there is nothing one can say, but what I do find a major irritation, are those persons who are simply going from post to post looking for romance. Housekeepers are particularly guilty here, no offence intended of course. (None taken. I know from my own experience how a house is at sixes and sevens once the staff start marrying each other). Yes Indeed.
Zde - May I ask you in future Miss Kenton to address my father as Mr Stevens, or if you are speaking of him to a third party you may wish to call him Mr Stevens Snr. to distinguish him from myself. So I would be most grateful to you Miss Kenton.
Zde - I'm busy, in this room, Miss Kenton.
Zde - I will look into the matter in due course Miss Kenton.
Zde - Miss Kenton I will ask you to keep your voice down, what will the other servants think to hear us shouting at the top of our voices about...chinamen.
Zde - You know what I'm doing Miss Kenton? I'm placing my thoughts elsewhere while you chatter away.
Zde - Then why is that guilty smile still on your face? (Oh its not a guilty smile. Simply amused by the sheer nonsense you sometimes talk).
Zde - Is it racy? (racy?) Are you reading a racy book? (do you think racy books are to be found on his lordships shelves).
Zde - Please leave me alone Miss Kenton. (why won't you show me your book?) This is my private time and you are invading it. (oh is that so?) Yes. (I'm invading your private time am I?) Yes.
Zde - I read these books, any books, to develop my command and knowledge of the English language. I read to further my education Miss Kenton. I really must ask you please, not to disturb the few moments I have to myself.
Zde - I simply haven't time to stand here with you engaging in idle talk with you Miss Kenton. I suggest you go to bed now, you must be very tired, goodnight Miss Kenton.
Zde - Always was work, work and more work. And will continue to be so I have no doubt.
Zde - You must take good care of yourself Mrs Benn. (You too Mr Stevens, promise me that.) Oh yes I promise. You must try to do all you can to make these years happy ones for yourself and for your Husband. We may never meet again Mrs Benn, that is why I am permitting myself to be so personal, if you will forgive me. (Thank you Mr Stevens).
Zde - Thank you Mr Stevens, and thank you so very much for coming, it was so very kind of you, it was so nice to see you again. (It was a pleasure to see you again Mrs Benn. Goodbye, take care).

Zde - On a related subject, I must confess to you. I'm giving very serious thought - to eating your wife.
Zde - Okey dokey - here we go.
Zde - Is this Clarice? Well hello Clarice. I'm afraid I have bad news for you. (Is he dead?) Did you get my note? I hope you liked the skin cream, I had it specially made for you. (Is he dead Dr Lecter?) Clarice there is nothing in this world that I would love more than to be able to chat with you, unfortunately you've caught me at an awkward moment, please forgive me. See you around.
Zde - What's it to be, bowels in or bowels out? Like Judas. Oh your confused, I'll decide for you if you'll permit me, Ciao!
Zde - Yes? Good evening.
Zde - Where are we now? Call it out. (Massachussetts Avenue) Take it.
Zde - My life? What is there to say about mine? I've been in a state of hibernation for some time, a little inactive. But now I'm back home I'm very happy and very healthy. You though, It's you I'm worried about.
Zde - Will you stay with me in my prison cell and hold my hand Clarice? We could have a some fun.
Zde - He just wants to see me suffer in some unimaginable way, he is rather twisted you know.
Zde - Have you had the pleasure of meeting him? (I have) Face to face - so to speak. (Yes) Attractive isn't he?
Zde - Are you paying attention to me, ex special agent Starling?
Zde - Hope you like them Clarice, ta ta.
Zde - Given the chance you would deny me my life wouldn't you? (Not your life) My freedom, just that, you'd take that from me, and if you did, would they have you back do you think, the FBI? Those people who you despise almost as much as they despise you. Would they give you a medal Clarice do you think? Would you have it professionally framed and hanging on your wall to look at and remind you of your courage and incorruptibility? All you would need for that Clarice is a mirror.
Zde - Paul? (Paul) Remember what I said, if you can't be polite to our guests you'll have to sit at the kiddies table.
Zde - I came half way around the world to watch you run Clarice, let me run huh?
Zde - Tell me Clarice, would you ever say to me stop, if you loved me you'd stop? (Not in a thousand years) Not in a thousand years, that's my girl!
Zde - Well that's really interesting Clarice, and I'm really pressed for time. So where's the key? Where's the key? Ok! Above or below the wrist, Clarice? This is really gonna hurt.
Zde - After all, as your mother tells you, and my mother certainly told me. It is important, she always used to say, to try new things.

The Edge - Na ostří nože
Zde - Never feel sorry for a man who owns a plane.
Zde - You're the only woman I've ever wanted.
Zde - How you planning to kill me?
Zde - I'm not gonna die, no I'm gonna kill the bear. Say it, I'm gonna kill the bear. Say it, I'm gonna kill the bear. Say it! Say I'm gonna kill the bear, say it! (I'm gonna kill the bear) Say it again! (I'm gonna kill the bear). And again! (I'm gonna kill the bear) Good! What one man can do another can do. (What one man can do another can do). Say it again! (What one man can do another can do). And again! (What one man can do another can do). Yeah! You're god damn right! Cos today, I'm gonna kill the....
Zde - You have anything you'd like to live for hmm? (You know something, you know something, maybe we were right to let people like you run this country all these years, you're the only ones dense enough) No, I'm not dense, I just have no imagination.
Zde - Monied folk isn't it? Isn't it? (Fire from ice can you think how?) Sit up there, drinks and golf, screwing the maid but get you in an emergency (That's right) and you bloom.You make me sick you know that, you make me sick (I'm sure I do)
Zde - All of my life I've wanted to do something that was unequivocal.
Zde - I love her.
Zde - Why is the rabbit unafraid? (Cos he's smarter than the panther.)
Zde - We were all put to the test, but it never comes in the form, or at the point we would prefer, does it?

Silence of the Lambs - Mlčení jehňátek
Zde - May I see your credentials?
Zde - Closer please, closer...
Zde - That is the Duomo, seen from the Belvedere. You know Florence?
Zde - Now then, tell me, what did Miggs say to you - multiple Miggs in the next cell - he hissed at you, what did he say?
Zde - you know why he's called Buffalo Bill ? Please tell me, the newspapers won't say...
Zde - Why do you think he removes their skins Agent Starling, thrill me with your acumen.
Zde - Most serial killers keep some sort of trophies from their victims. (I didn't.) No. No you ate yours.
Zde - Hmm, that is rather slippery of you Agent Starling.
Zde - A census taker once tried to test me, I ate his liver, with some fava beans and a nice Chianti...
Zde - Do you think Jack Crawford wants you, sexually? True he is much older, but do you think he visualises scenarios, exchanges, f*cking you?
Zde - People will say we're in love. Anthrax Island. That was an especially nice touch Clarice, yours? (yes) Yeah, that was good.
Zde - Your anagrams are showing doctor, Louis Friend? Iron Sulfide, also known as Fools Gold...(Oh Clarice, your problem is you need to get more fun out of life).

Zde - Talk about welcome home, super-duper!
Zde - Natty is the word you're looking for, my dear this is the very latest thing, man made fibre, as is the nylon chemise, nowadays anyone who is anyone in America is drip-dry.

Magic - Kouzlo
Zde - I will now change a diamond into a heart. (I guess the reason I'm such a great lover is um...) Don't wanna hear about your sex-life if you don't mind. (Tell us all about yours then, everybody likes short stories).
Zde - Oh my god! She's leaving Duke for you! In-f*cking-credibly fan-f*cking-tastic! (Thankyou sports fans!)

M:I-2/Mission Impossible II.
Zde - Do you have any idea what the hell he's talking about?
Zde - Well this is not mission difficult Mr Hunt, it's mission impossible, difficult should be a walk in the park for you.
Zde - To go to bed with a man and lie to him, she's a woman, she's got all the training she needs.

Shadowlands - Krajina stínů
Zde - The most intense joy lies not in the having but in the desire. The light that never fades, bliss that is eternal, is only yours when what you most desire is just out of reach.

Mask of Zorro - Zorro: Tajemná tvář
Zde - I can help you and I can teach you, how to move, how to think, how to take your revenge with honour.
Zde - There is a saying, a very old saying, when the pupil is ready the master will appear.

Zde - When they look at you (JFK), they see what they wanna be. When they look at me, they see what they are.
Zde - Exactly, unpredictability is our best asset. So we got to take the war to them. Hit them where it hurts right in the nuts.
Zde - They can't impeach me for bombing Cambodia, the President can bomb anybody he likes.
Zde - I think all in all I've given as good as I've taken, but as I leave you, I want you to know...just think what you're gonna be missing, you won't have Nixon to kick around anymore......'cos gentleman this is my last press conference...thank you.

Lecter voice(hlas)
Zde - Hello, the party you have called is unavailable at the moment. This is Anthony Hopkins, or Hannibal Lecter if you prefer. I would be very happy to take a message, in fact I insist. When the last person failed to do so I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. So please, leave your name and number at the beep.
Zde - Clarice, is that you?
Zde - Bysee, bysee, see ya around
Zde - Hey, you've got mail. Goody goody.